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Poet's Platform Column | 21 Sept 06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio

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Life Is A Game

First Quarter:        
The energy and excitement are real, and it’s a home game,
Playing is fun, its rough, I am wired and untamed..
The huddle is banding, proud, determined, undaunted,
Courage is foremost, by defeat I’m not haunted.

Second Quarter:        
I’m working hard now, no need to slow down,
I’m refusing discouragement, the game‘s tough to the town,
I must not disappoint them, they’re here, all around.
Family and friends are cheering.  Oh, I love the sound.

Half Time:           
 The game’s half over, mistakes were made, I can do better,
I will put more effort into this, I’m working on my Letter.
Please Lord, help me win, this is my humble plea,
Until now, with arrogance, thought this game was up to ME!

Third Quarter:     
All right, I will pay attention and hearken now,
Scoring points, getting the prize is what I vow;
To do my best; trust God for the rest
I will excel with teamwork and win somehow

Fourth Quarter:        
There is not much time left now, but I am encouraged,
The opponent is red faced, worn out and discouraged,
That foe is so angry, going down with his banner,
He’s not accustomed to losing a game in this manner.

Two Minute Warning:   
The game went so fast, victory is just round the bend,
We played by the rules, all the way to the end.
Triumph and honor go hand in hand.
Our Dad is in the Grandstand,

Virginia Davis Wiseman
Cicero, Indiana
Formerly from Wheelersburg


Awakened Solitude

I love the joy of walking lonely paths
Along Fall’s ever changing forest scene.
A rocky ledge reveals a watchful toad
Whose tongue will capture insects crawling there.

And high the scaly hickory tree
A rustic squirrel’s nest now brown with age,
Cut jagged by the wind invades the moon.

But timeless seasons break mute stillness here
As acorns bounce on rocks and downward roll
To land on leaves that seem to wait their turn,
To float like tiny boats on winding creeks
And end their ebb against a fallen long.

Edna Keffer

From “Poems and Other Writings”


Fall Season

The fall season that comes each year,
The leaves blowing away in the wind,
We say good-bye to the warm summer,
Welcome to the fall that God sends.

Each leaf brightens with the colors,
The artist paints the view of time,
The design in leaves shows the details,
Teaches the quilters to sew in a line.

God gives us the season of the fall,
Red and yellow apples to store away,
Canned vegetables from the garden,
The knitted sweaters for the cooler days.

It’s the time to plant the new tulip bulbs,
For, in the spring they will bloom again,
We thank God for the season He gives us,
The beauty of fall with a cooler wind.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY



Indian summer
Cottonwood in yellow dress
Playing in the sun


Autumn winds are near
Sugar maples wave to me
Creating a scene

Margi Russell
From  “Feathers in my Heart”



Fall season is near
Tattle-tales move in and out
New secrets exposed

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH



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