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May 21 , 2009

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The teachers called it the smoking lounge.
We knew it as the back of the gym,
open to the sky, gray brick to lean on.
You had to be pretty hard up to stand
in the rain for a Marlboro.
But we did.

Bad boys and girls and a few fools
that wanted to be, gathered in a ritual
of long draws, suck it up your nose,
run the gauntlet moments.
Acting like we didn’t care.
But we did.

It was the place where bad grades,
detention letters, and lost loves
could all be flipped away.
A burning butt containing hate and fear
crushed under a heel.
And we did.

All pretenders, frightened
that we would be the ones
to hold up the world.
Stories of your uncle, his brother and others
in a jungle bleeding so we could stand here
and cup our cigarettes from the rain,
just like they were doing, knowing
that next year we’d be there too.
Dying like they were.

And we did.

Robert W. Kimsey
McCaysville, GA



Growing up is not easy
When your young and small
You need someone there beside you
When you’re lonely and your back’s
Against the wall
Someone who’ll lead you down
That rocky road of life
Who’ll pick you up each time you fall
And try and make things right

 Just Like A Night In Shinning Armor
You Were A Hero To The End
You Were More Than Just A Brother
You Were Everybody’s Friend

You never miss the ones you love
Until they’ve gone away
Then you start to think of all
The things you didn’t say
Time like words unspoken
Vanish in the wind
And you would give your whole world
Just to have them back again

Just Like A Night In Shinning Armor
You Were My Hero To The End
You Were More than Just A Brother
My Brother
You Were Everybody’s Friend
You Were Everybody’s Friend
You Were The World’s Best Friend

Steve Free


Wind Of Peace

Oh, wind of peace blow harsh and strong,
We misjudged you, you are not wrong,
Blow out and let the bells ring loud,
Hark, listen to the shouting crowd.
Listen to the horns and bells
They’re sending out no rockets or shells,
The trees are glistening in the sun
They wish not power to hold a gun.

The birds wing happily through the air
Their hearts not heavy in despair,
The war is gone but lingers long
In the heart of those with out a song,
The flag stands still in sad regret
For ones who gave their lives, we fret.
The flag waves high for the ones who gave
Their happy lives that we might live.

Doran Conrad
Blairsville, GA
Formerly of Sciotoville







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