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Poet's Platform Column | 21 June 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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My Heart Attack

Walking down through the valley of death
Bony fingers of the grim reaper I did see
Deep throbs of pain I felt inside my chest
Wondering if this was to be the end for me

First I was taken to Scioto Memorial Hospital
I was told this kind of an operation we can't do
Then I was taken to Kings Daughters Hospital 
By one of Life ambulances and its fine crew

Dr Mores and his well-trained surgerical team
Opened my chest to see what they could do
They found four blocked arteries the problem
Caused from a high cholesterol mess of goo

It is to this surgical team I thank so very much
But I also must thank my Lord and Master too
If not for Him guiding Dr Mores skillful hands
My life on this Earth would have been through

Acie Workman
Eden Park


His Plan For Me

I was on my way up to Heaven
When He sent me back down
Saying my child you must wait
Before you can gain your crown

I have a plan for you on Earth
What it is you must wait to see
You will find it brings happiness
Not only to you but also to Me

But go now and do My bidding
Believe what I tell you this day
Let this spirit fill up your heart
Listen to the words I have to say

Bring good to those you meet
Tell them what I have said to you
Let them know all about My place
Far up where it is Heavenly Blue

Acie Workman


I Give Thanks To Him

I look out and see a clear Blue sky
Without His help this would not be
He kept me from the sting of death
My Savior, I know does so love me

As He walks by my side I see Him
He always tells me right from wrong
His word brings to me great comfort
In a voice that is gentle but strong

Though I never ask about tomorrow
Those decisions shall be His alone
For I know to question Him about it
Is the one thing He will not condone

Forever to follow my Lord and Savior
This heart now can see no other way
Precious is the life He has given me
I want to join Him in Heaven one day

Acie Workman


Feel The Love

Dream not with those foolish thoughts
Bring your ideas of goodness this day
Know that your rewards will be plenty
If you walk a straight and narrow way

Help all friends in both work and spirit
Sharing ideas brings strength to mind
You will find that peace is everlasting
When to all of the people you are kind

Feel the love from those around you
Returning that feeling ten times more
Satisfaction will bring you happiness
Knowing what you will have in store

This life can bring to you so much joy
Let not the devil enter into your heart
There will be a beautiful place waiting
When from a life on Earth you depart

Acie Workman
Eden Park




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