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Poet's Platform Column | 21 Dec 06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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What Is Christmas

May this time of the year show you happiness
Let the joy of this festive season be heartfelt
Think of why we celebrate this great Holiday
Know It isn't for the fat man with a black belt

It is the birth of Baby Jesus that we celebrate
He who was born in a manger that dark night
Unable to get a room at any of the local inns
They then decided that barn would be alright

Born that night in the small city of Bethlehem
He was both adored and hated by many men
This son of God told of a place named Heaven
Giving us a life better than this one has been

So when we think of this season of Christmas
Remember what we really celebrate that day
This Holy man who gave His life to save us all
His life started in that manger filled with hay

Acie Workman
Eden Park


A Holy Night

The guarding Shepherds were in the field,
They saw a Star that was shining so bright.
The Shepherds knew it was so very special,
This was the first Christmas night- A Holy Night.

The Shepherds were guarding their sheep,
The Angel appeared, this was a special sign.
It will bring you the most Wonderful, Joyful News.
The Savior, Messiah, and Jesus Christ you’ll find.

The Angels sang Glory to God in the Highest
Praising God for this was--- A Holy Night.
The Shepherds followed the Star to Bethlehem.
They found Jesus He gave the world a light.

This was the night of the First Christmas scene,
Mary and Joseph and Jesus shining in the light.
Baby Jesus wrapped in the old wooden Manger.
We worship God for the birth of Jesus-A Holy Night.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY



If Santa Claus would bring to me
all I’d ask him for --
For myself I don’t need anything.
I’d ask him to help the poor.

I’d ask him to go back in the hills
where he seldom ever goes.
For all those needy children leave
some toys, food, and clothes.

I’d ask him to visit a home
where a little girl is lame.
Tell her the doll lady sent him –
no need to tell her my name.

I could really keep him busy,
if he gave all I’d ask him for.
For me, a feeling of happiness,
if I knew he’d helped the poor.

There’s one more house please, Santa –
stop and leave a tree.
That’s where she lives,
the little girl who asked,
“Are you Santa Claus?” to me.

Santa’s bag is empty - to leave,
it’s almost time.
Please, dear Santa, leave some love,
and peace, Good-will to all mankind.

Dorothy Ackerman




No snow on the pines
Heaven knew she could not bear
White Christmas alone

Margi Russell





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