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Poet's Platform Column | 21 Aug. 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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A New Sound

The music of the meadow
Touches me
Like a soft, soft cloth,
I didn’t know that
Goldenrod and Queen Anne’s Lace
Could whisper,
Or maples could sing!
These are precious surprises
For one who’s needing to hear
A new sound.

Patricia North
From: I’ll Chase The Spring



I can’s erase the sunshine
That sprawls across the floor,
Can’t keep the birds from singing
That flits about my door.

Can’t keep the breeze from whispering
Through treetops cool and green,
Can’t stop the fish from leaping
In yonder tranquil stream.

Can’t keep the sea from rolling
And tossing up its spray
Can’t stop the gulls from soaring
And searching out their prey.

Can’t still the crashing thunder,
Can’t dim the lightning’s glare
But God is Master of them all,
And we are in His care.

Blanche Skeans Schisler (Deceased)
From: Sunshine & Shadows For the Young at Heart


Summer Rainbow

After the rain on a summer day,
A rainbow arcs across the sky.
I pause to consider the miracle—
Affirmation from God—I cannot deny.

Red, orange, yellow and green
With blue, indigo and violet in view;
The subtle colors of the spectral light,
With God’s promise shining through.

The rainbow brings a ray of hope
Where dreams of riches abound.
“At the ends of the rainbow,” legends say—
“A pot of gold can be found.”

To envision the proverbial “pot of gold,”
A pipe dream beyond mortal scope;
God sends the rainbow of heavenly hues
To confirm His promise of eternal hope.

Charles Clevenger
New Boston








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