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March 20, 2014

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Green Of Springtime

Refreshing are the thoughts of Spring
When grass turns from Brown to Green
As the Daffodils show their Yellow bloom
This becomes Springs first lovely scene

Soon we will see Red Bud and Dogwood
Green leaves will be growing on the trees
Wild flowers will be seen on the hillsides
A sight to most all eyes will surely please

So comforting are the days of early Spring
It seems as if the whole world is coming alive
We can see Blooms are bursting out all over
I thank God warm weather soon will arrive

Gone will be the doldrums of a nasty Winter
Bland hills will soon show their Green mantle
Beautiful are the sight we see in the Spring
At the end of this blustery month comes April
Acie Workman
Eden Park, OH



Is that a rain cloud o're yonder sky,
With thunderous sounds rumbling o're?
Bringing darkening shade from heat of sun,
And cool breezes at window and door.

Unwinding, relaxing a minute or two,
All stress and worry wane thin,
Rain seems to quiet; refresh the soul,
And brings a calm spirit within.

Just to walk outside on a rainy day,
Free as a bird, on gossamer wing,
Puddles, splashes, misty rain in your hair,
I love the freshness!  It's Spring!

Virginia Davis Wiseman
Goodyear AZ

Formerly of Wheelersburg, OH



Do you see?
Flowers ~
Stretching yawning arms
Through the earth
Awakened by the coming spring

Do you hear?
In the sky and trees
Birds chattering
Crying out
Spring is coming!

Take a breath!
Do you smell it?
The earth
Emitting smells
Fresh and clean
Preparing for the growth of spring

Can you feel it?
Spring is coming
The slumber of winter has passed
Awake! Awake!
Spring has come!

Judy Cheek
Wheelersburg, OH








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