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Poet's Platform Column | 20 Mar. 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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The Joy of Easter

It was an early lovely morning,
When the sun was shining bright.
This was the first special Easter.
Jesus gave the people a new life.

Jesus had risen from the dead,
Mary gave the message with joy.
The disciples were happy to see Him,
Jesus the savior of all the world.

Jesus spent time with His people,
And commissioned them to work for Him,
They were to preach the plan of Salvation
A time for all people to be free from sin.

He ascended to His Father in Heaven
And said that He would come back again.
To receive us in His Heavenly place.
We can all be together with Him.

What a glorious time for all the Christians,
When we will see Him face to face.
We have our hope and looking for Him.
We will thank Him for His mercy and grace.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY


The Cross to Calvary

My Lord trudged up Calvary’s Hill
Tired weary and worn,
A destiny planned for Him
From the time he was born.

He was to die between two thieves
And one called out to him,
He had mercy on this one
And saved him from his sin.

This day you’ll be with me in paradise
He knew he was God’s son
Jesus of Nazareth
The saver of everyone.

He was nailed to a cross
His blood spilled upon the ground
He knew soon it would be finished
Then there came a great earthshaking sound.

Darkness fell, it became so still,
They knew then He was the one,
They called Jesus of Nazareth
God’s one and only Son.

He arose from the dead
And was caught up in the clouds
He’s coming back again,
I believe, I’m a follower of His crowd.

He’s sitting on the right hand
Of our father God
He’ll return in the twinkling of the eye
When the Father gives Him the nod.

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH


After He Arose

Three days and three nights,
His disciples feared,
Their Lord they would never see,
But on Easter morn He arose again
Triumphant for you and me,

After seeing Him,
Talking with Him,
Great courage they did receive.
“He lives!  He rules!”
They cried aloud and at His feet
They humbly bowed.
“To serve Thee, Lord
is our aim now”

Mary Woodward
Wooster, OH




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