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Poet's Platform Column | 1 Nov. 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio

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I Dreamt I Talked To Jesus

Last night I had a dream that I took a walk.
I met up with Jesus and we had a talk.
He said, “I promised to love and be with you,
But you really hurt me with the sinning things you do.

When you get angry and use profanity,
It may not bother you but it sure does bother me.
When I see the things people do, how do you think I feel?
That the ones I died on the cross for I see lie, cheat and steal.

The way you treat others really makes me weep.
If you took time to notice you would see tears on my cheek.
When I see you sinning and never stop and pray,
Or ask for forgiveness I want to walk away.

But I still love you, even when you make me weep.
I made you a promise that I’ll always keep.
That I’d stay with you”, then he said my name.
I suddenly awoke and felt a flood of shame.

I got out of bed and got down on my knees.
“Please God forgive all my sins, I pray you still love me”.
All of a sudden, a feeling of such joy came over me.
I knew God and Jesus both had heard my plea

Walter C. Stout


We Are the Apple of His Eye

Moses was Gods chosen great leader
Who led the Israelites out of Egypt so free
God made the path for their deliverance.
They all crossed through the big Red Sea,

Israel was always the Apple of His Eye
God was with them through the day and night
Through the storms and troubles that came by.
God had His eye watching over the Israelites.

Israel became a new Nation in the Year 1948
They were recognized by other nations in sight.
In 1967 Jerusalem became the great Capitol.
We know how God was blessing the Israelites.

Jesus will keep me as the Apple of His Eye,
He will hide me under the shadow of His wings
We are chosen people through Jesus Christ,
We are the Apple of His Eye’, and we will sing...

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY


A Quiet Voice

Oh give me a quiet place to walk
where few men before have trod;
a place where I can know myself
and walk hand-in-hand with God.

A place where I can know the joy
of God’s endearing embrace,
commune with nature’s calming voice
and feel her breath upon my face.

A place to hear God’s calming voice
away from life’s hectic pace,
to hear His voice in the whispering breeze
and know of His love and grace.

I hear His voice in a trickling stream
on its journey to the distant sea;
I feel His presence ever near—
as He whispers His peace to me.

I’ve found a quiet place to walk
where blessings shower from above.
To know myself—is to know my God—
may my life reflect His love.

Charles Clevenger
New Boston



Oh, Dear Lord I pray
Please take this human clay,
Make it something lovely to behold.
Please make my heart and hands and mind
Something useful to mankind,
All that I am or ever hope to be
I give to Thee.

Janet Nesler














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