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June 19 , 2014

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Dreams Vs Reality

I see birds, flowers, green, grassy lawns
I feel love, caring and laughter
I'm watching kids play,
So young, so innocent.
I see the street so full
Of  friendly people.

My alarm just went off
It's time to get up.

I see walls, pale, white and bare,
I feel hurt, fear and pain.
I'm watching a couple across the street
argue and scream at each other,
While their kid
Gets stoned on the porch.

God, I wish I could change things!

Mark Underwood
Portsmouth, OH


How Can Earth Smile

Just when dawn begins its radiant glow,
I steal away to hide in nature's arms
Beside a tree where rippling waters flow,
And tranquil hours erase all thoughts of harm.

I see the earth in wise routine display
The smells and looks of spring from year to year.
But, now I wonder with each passing day,
How can earth smile behind its falling tears.

As plastic trash is seen most everywhere,
And cigarettes with tat-tail stubs are left,
Or a Coke Plant spews out poisonous air
And a city is plagued with cancer deaths.

Perhaps some day when life on earth is through
We'll spin in space like dying planets do.

Edna Keffer
Portsmouth, OH
From: "POEMS and other writings"



we are like spilled milk
though we barely touched the glass
overwhelming mess

Margi Russell
Portsmouth, OH
From: "Feathers in my Heart"


No Doubt

God watches over everything,
it is His creation--assuredly.
If is eye is on the sparrow. . .
then Surely, He watches me.

Nothing escapes His all-seeing eye,
the highest mountain--or the miniscule.
We all are His treasured children. . .
more precious than gold, silver or jewel.

He loves us unconditionally,
no matter the path we choose.
And when we stray--and need His hand. . .
if we ask--He will ne'er refuse.

His love for us is boundless,
'tho unworthy we may be.
If He can care for the sparrow. . .
there is no doubt--He cares for me

Charles Clevenger
New Boston, OH
From: "In The Key Of G"










19 June 14


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