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Poet's Platform Column | 19 July 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio

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Dear Lord, you open my day
With a soft yellowish-glow
Filtering through morning’s mist
Rising from valleys below

Your sun moves from east to west
Radiating energy and light
Illuminating the world
Providing visual delights

The soft yellow roses abloom
With fragrant aromas found—
Marigolds in their deep hues
And buttercups all around

A walk through golden grain

As fields ripen in season

Goldenrod waving in breeze—
All seem to have a reason

As eventide closes the day
With sun over horizon
Still your yellow-color glows
Upon the sky with reflections

Dear Lord, you close my day,
As the moon beams from above
And the galaxy of stars
Display your e’er present love

Pearl (Carpenter) Anderson
London, KY



One can taste sunshine
In a freshly picked home grown
Yellow tomato

Margi Russell



Butterflies and birds
Celebrate the morning light
Colors dance to flight

Margi Russell


A Quick Summer Storm

Dark clouds rolling in an ominous sky
Streaks of lightning dance and sway
Wind is starting to blow the treetops
Looks like a storm is headed our way

With the rain leaden skies beckoning
Thunder can be heard from miles away
Rumbling with a muffled roar I hear it
A thunderstorm can't be too far away

With the rain falling upon the rooftop
Gutters and downspouts now run free
A large limb has come crashing down
As lightning has hit an old Maple tree

Our lights flicker and then they go out
Leaving us in the dark as is the norm
Another four hours without electricity
Caused by this quick Summer storm

Acie Workman
Eden Park







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