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Poet's Platform Column | 19 Jan 06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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An Old Tree

Looking at the hills I see the leafless trees
Gnarled are the limbs this bareness shows
Stripped of all the energy summer requires
Winter will bring rest when nothing grows

Beauty that we saw not many weeks ago
Now lies brown there on the forest floor
No usefulness do these leaves now have
But to be reclaimed by the soil once more

With no dress to cover her skinny limbs
She stands without defense to the wind
Which now blows through empty spaces
That had caused her leafed limbs to bend

Snow will blow on this dormant old tree
Rain and bitter cold will come to her too
But like all of the other years she’s seen
Spring will bring back those skies of blue

Acie Workman
Eden Park


In Icy Sunlight

I know how flowers feel
when winter’s breath
ice-drapes each petal
Each burdened stem
rinsed in a sigh of
rain-tears, bows before
Nature’s whim
and dreams of sunlight.

Mabel Massie



January’s here
We hope it treats us real good
No ice storms hiding

Maybelle Criswell
South Point, OH



Zip the coat up tight
Wind and ice run down my spine
January blahs

Janet Nesler


As I Sit And Watch

As I sit and gaze out my window
Rays of sunshine come creeping in
Also there are dark clouds, hanging low
As I sit and watch, I see the first flakes of snow.

They fall so gently down
Until a gust of wind, speeds them along
Then they whirl and turn around
Quickly melt, as they hit the ground.

In a few short hours, everything is white
The sun has long since gone
And streetlights seem so very bright
As they shine into the snowy night.

Morning comes, the snow is quite deep
The cardinals have found my feeder
And they are glad for the seeds to eat
I quietly sit and watch, here from my window seat.

Velma V. McCall-Creech
Stockdale, OH




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