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Poet's Platform Column | 19 April 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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The Healing Smile

I saw you in the grocery line

at Kroger’s today,
same smile, same quietness.
A little older
But still the same.

My thoughts drift back to when
we worked together
caring for the sick and wounded.
Your quietness and that soft smile
seemed to put all at ease.

We both became older and wiser
in many ways.
Times change, new people take over
where we left off.

I only hope they too will have
the quiet touch
and the soft healing smile
that you gave to so many.

Kindness-a gift from God.

Florence Wagner



Thank you: kind teachers
for turning the prism of learning
so that we may view

all the colors of light,
to find our way

Thank you for
teaching us, not only
the answers, but the ever-important
questions to ask,
so that we may find more answers
to ask more questions
to find our way.

Thank you for
projecting us further
than we ever dreamed
we could go, for
opening the doors
we should have turned the handles to . . . so long ago,

for unveiling
the spark of light
nurturing it so that it may grow,
glow, illuminate the darkness
the pitch blackness of previous perceptions,

shining the light of knowledge

upon our faces
warming them
with the brightness
of our futures.

And so, thank you
thank you all
you kind teachers.
James Eric Watkins
Milton, KY


Mourning a Friend

I hear the mourning dove and remember.
I used to whistle its call, making sure my lips
Were wet and cupping my hands to my mouth.

A lonesome call to a dead mate perhaps?
Or is it a cry to heaven as a fleeting humble prayer.

I watch its flight and wonder where it heads
When it’s lonely or depressed.  I know where I go,
But wings of flight don’t take me there.

In the car, we drive, the highway stretches long
Before me and I drift to sleep.
Waking to a thud, I observe the feather shower
And realize the death of a friend.

Kevin LeMaster
South Shore, KY



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