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Poet's Platform Column | 18 Oct. 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio

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Fall Weather

In this chill of an early Autumn
We feel summer drifting away
Nights now down in the forties
Highs are sixty during the day

Gone is the heat we suffered
Sleep comes easier each night
With a window slightly raised
My blanket makes it just right

A few days ago air conditioners
Last night we had on the heat
Don't you just love this time
To me it is really hard to beat

With Indian Summer to come
Some warm weather we will see
Then to fade into colder times
Too soon Winter time it will be

Acie Workman

Eden Park



Cool breeze on my face
Just a hint of golden leaves
Fall is almost here

Janet Nesler



Sunset flashing glows
Orange on a hillside view
An evening painting

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH


Season Number Three

Trees soon to shed their coats
Of red, gold, rust and brown
As fall moves into winter
Leaves start tumbling down.

Orange pumpkins brought from the field
To be porch host for Halloween
Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations
Will again come on the scene.

October’s autumn colors are awesome
The cool air we’ve waited for
Smoke floating from fireplace chimneys
Trick or treaters going from door to door.

Soon afterwards Mother Nature will rest
Until another spring arrives
I’m just so thankful to my God above
I’m in His big world alive!!

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH


My Valley


In this sleepy valley I call home,
where the mighty Ohio River flows,
it is here I commune with God and nature,
here, I know the peace God bestows.

A red-tail hawk soars with the breeze,
mares-tail clouds streak the sky.
My muse is in tune with nature’s voice,
the majesty of God—I cannot deny.

Twilight descends on my valley,
the river shimmers in opalescent light.
My poetic muse is flushed with words
to consummate this ode I write.

When morning ascends in my valley,
mist dissolves in the warming light.
Nature speaks quietly to my soul-
­while my cares and concerns take flight.

Charles Clevenger
New Boston, Ohio














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