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Poet's Platform Column | 18 May06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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Climb with me to the top of a hill
There everything’s so peaceful and still.
Only the sound of falling leaves --
Mother Natures undressing the trees.

We’ll rest beneath a stately pine,
Count our blessings, yours and mine.
Bow our heads in thankful prayer
For all the beauty that surrounds us there.

The blue of the sky, green of the earth --
How do you measure nature’s worth?
Sigh of the wind through the pines --
The solitude to help ease our minds.

The eagle flies with majestic grace.
Man has flown to outer space.
Walk through a forest and you’ll agree
Only God can make a tree.

Dorothy Ackerman
Portsmouth Ohio



It’s lovely in the evening,
The smell of spring is in the air.
Flowers and trees are budding,
People stirring everywhere.

Digging, raking, in the yard,
To give the grass a chance,
Washing windows, painting, planting,
All chores that will enhance.

For soon it will be warmer,
And thoughts will turn once more,
To outdoor sports and all the fun,
That summer has in store.

Rosemary Kalb



S  Is for the Sunshine
P  That plays an important Part
R  Renewing the old to the new
I    When Earth Inhabitents are waking up
N  Needing April showers
G  To rise, to live, to Grow.

This all spells spring,
A season the song birds sing
When mother nature presents her showcase.
“Hello Spring, hello”

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH



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