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June 18, 2009

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A WW II veteran
A barber
Loved to dance
Enjoyed his motorcycle
Loved children and dogs.

Saturdays at his barbershop
Was kids only day.
After a haircut
They got a Popsicle in summer
A sucker in winter
And always a big hug.

Even when he was
Ill with cancer
He came in the shop
On Saturdays for the kids.
Remembering Dad

Florence Wagner


Marriage Made in Heaven

Alongside a dusty hardscrabble road,
Up against a whitewash board fence,
Guarding the yard,
I remember the hollyhocks
My Mother grew.

A shared endeavor,
My Mother was proud
Of her hollyhocks--
My Dad, proud
Of the whitewash fence.

I remember the delicate hollyhocks,
Intimately wedded
To the rugged fence;
In tribute to my Mom and Dad-­

A marriage made in heaven.

Charles Clevenger
New Boston, Ohio


My Dad’s Prayer

Early each morning, Dad prayed to God,
For the Master’s touch to always abide,
Learning to trust in God’s Holy Scriptures.
Knowing His presence was very much alive.

Dad prayed, “Our Father, which art in Heaven,
Hollowed be thy Holy name”
Then Dad continued the rest of his prayer,
“Most Holy Righteous Father,” he began.

The sound of Dad’s voice was so special,
He was reading the scripture of God’s way,
All the family loved to listen to his reading,
Flowing throughout the house in our days.

His old Bible is very precious and so worn,
Dad’s glasses were lying beside the Word,
In Heavens home we’d love to hear his voice,
Dad’s prayer and listening to the Word of God.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore




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