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Poet's Platform Column | 17 May 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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Rain Walk

The village in flames behind us,
We walked east,
On a path a thousand years old,
Towards Cambodia and the Ho-Chi-Minh trail.
The men were angry,
Having killed so few—lost so many.

Bone soaked we walked,
Days and nights/days and nights,
Sheets of rain,
Satanic fingers
Tapping out a cult-song on our ponchos.

Step after sloshing step,
On to Cambodia,
On to the next ambush,
On and on through the rain,
Until the round stops you
And the steam rising from your wound
Mixes with the Asian mist.

R. Franklin Pate
Louisville, KY


Our Military


Traveling on a road in the hot desert sands
Never knowing what they might face ahead
These young heroes hide their fears of doubt
Thinking of the love ones back home instead

When they got to this awful forbidding land
Some had just passed their teenage years
As they look back to just about a year ago
They couldn't legally have a few cold beers

Becoming adults these Soldiers and Marines
Growing up amid these times that are trying
They will become veterans on that very day
They see one of their own lying there dying

Don't forget these young men and women
For without them our country would not be
Through all the years America has existed
Our military has fought to keep us all free

Acie Workman
Eden Park


Our Fallen

As we walk this great land with freedom
We think of those who have gone away
To strange lands to fight for our country
It is for all these heroes we have this day

With rows of the White crosses standing
Each cross bears these brave ones name
They fought with valor and with courage
Back in a flag draped coffin they came

Lives have been altered by these wars
We wonder about what might have been
Had our soldier survived that last action
They would be back home with us again

Our country today gives so much gratitude
For those who have died in any ghastly war
We have provided them a final resting place
But to these fallen we owe so much more

Acie Workman
Eden Park





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