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Poet's Platform Column | 17 July 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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         Twilight Refrain

As the sun sinks low in the evening sky
at the ebb of a summer day,
it seems while Nature holds its breath,
Earth’s creatures pause to pray.

I pause to reflect upon my life
and wonder if I’ve done my best.
Sometimes blinded, I fail to see
how much I am truly blessed.

The sky is awash with fire-bright light
as a prelude to a twilight refrain;
I give thanks to God for his blessings
that shower down like rain.

As I witness this grande finale
of Nature’s spectacular show,
I lift my eyes toward the heavens;
God’s presence-- I feel and know.

Charles Clevenger
New Boston, Ohio


“The Pursuit of Happiness”

Summer’s here, the sun is hot
The days are long and lazy.
Don’t stay inside and watch the news.
It’s sure to drive you crazy.

So simply turn the TV off...
Catch Mother Nature’s show.
Enjoy the cricket symphony
And fireflies’ intermittent glow.

Have a chat with the man in the moon,
Folks won’t misconstrue it,
They’re busy pursuing happiness...
They simply forgot how to do it.

Rita Maddy Baiser
Baltimore, Ohio
(Formerly of Portsmouth)



A day of leisure,
do as I please.
Eat, sleep, and
stroll in the breeze.

Shop, laugh, and play
in the sun.
Go to the zoo, or        
watch Cleveland Indians run!

A day of peace and
quiet, I’ve earned.
For surviving the

Monday through Friday               
hum drum.

Mary Woodward
Wooster, OH



I love the blue skies
And the cotton ball white clouds
Typical pictures

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH


Hot dogs
A cook out must
Hamburgers are great too
Potato salad and cole slaw
Yum yum

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH









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