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Poet's Platform Column | 17 Jan 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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The Roll Of Film

In the dark room where treasures are kept,
Lost memories are brought to life,
On the old film, that still was good,
Pictures of time speak louder than words.

In the closet hidden neatly away,
The stories and pictures of yesterday,
Momma put them there, I know she did,
The roll of film, of her little kids.

Little children so happy at play,
Around the cellar- where old rocks lay,
Homemade cars and metal trucks,
Our little dog “Toy” was just a pup.

Pictures of our home place, of earlier times,
Brings back memories to my mind,
Of happy times of yesterday,
On the roll of film, Mom had hidden away.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY


My Quiet Place

My quiet place is just a room,
Where all my books are stored.
Where I can go relax a bit,
While talking with the Lord.
Where I can read the Holy Book,
Where I can look and find
The words that Jesus gave to me
To clear a troubled mind.

When doubt and fear both fill my days,
When troubles lie ahead,
I go into my quiet place
To read what Jesus said
“Come unto me, believe in me
and I will give you rest.”
Have faith and trust, be born again
To know that you are blessed.
I find solace in my heart
When first I enter in,
The little room, my quiet place,
The room I call my den.

Doran Conrad
Blairsville, GA
Formerly of Sciotoville


Accounting Lesson

Time wanders through moments
Where powers rise and fall,
Rome to Nazi Germany,
It is all fleeting, senseless,
We waste it in many ways,
Abuse it without discretion.
It is our most valuable possession,
Besides health.
Time is a bought commodity,
We sell it to the highest bidder,
In work, overtime, holidays,
Getting two times going rate.
How many Christmases and Thanksgivings
Have we sold, missing family gatherings,
Only to buy that something
You really didn’t need?
Time is priceless,
You can’t bank it, save it, all you can do is
Spend it.
So be advised, spend it wisely
For someday you will be overdrawn
And the account will be closed.

Dexter Wolfe
McDermott, OH







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