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April 17, 2014

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The precious blood of Jesus,
From His hands, feet and side.
A shameful death on a rugged cross,
Willingly crucified!

It began in Gethsemane Garden.
He sweat blood drops from brow, so low,
Giving His life into the Father's hands,
To save a lost and dying world He loved so.

He did this all for you and for me,
Such love I can't quite understand,
For sinners as we, He was willing to die,
Including us in the redemptive plan!

I could never repay the sacrifice
And the cross that included me,
Of Jesus, my Lord and Savior,
Loving me from that old rugged tree.

The grave could not hold my Jesus, 
He arose and ascended on high.
He's preparing a mansion in Heaven,
Where forever we'll be, you and I... 

Virginia Davis Wiseman
Goodyear, AZ


Gethsemane, Meet Him There

Have you been to Gethsemane with Jesus,
Giving up your hopes, your dreams, your plans,
Having laid down your life and empty longings.
Placing all in God's loving out-stretched hands?

In doing this, you will find true freedom,
Breaking strongholds, as we dare to count it loss,
For death to self and foolish ego living,
Result in life abundant, at the cross.

Although "giving up" is never thought as pleasant,
For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, with tears,
The enemy was defeated at the act of self denial,
God then fills us, overflowing; calms our fears.

He empowers us to live a life of victory,
O're sinful selfish ways, He lifts us high,
Joy, peace and love flow from us, in abundance,
We share with the thirsty passing by.

Do not dread the Gethsemane experience,
He makes all things new at that revival time
The journey now exciting with the change in us,
It's NEW LIFE inside, where in fullness He abides.

Virginia Davis Wiseman
 Goodyear. AZ


Easter Time

A time to remember
the risen Lord
Who came, who died and mow risen.

Gone to Heaven
Sitting on the right hand of God
That's what The Good Book says.

We believe, one reason we do,
He left signs on my Dogwood tree
That blooms in April and May.

All of the other inhabitants of the ground
show color and aliveness
That Easter is near.
A beautiful time of the year!

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH




17 April 14 column


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