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Poet's Platform Column | 16 Oct. 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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The Lord Has Been Playing

It looks to me as if
The Lord has been playing
In the meadow again.
He splashed the fields
With yellow
And brushed the trees
With autumn orange.
Treading through the brier patch,
He left a spray of pastel blue.
It looks like frost from where I sit. . . .
So very delicate is it.
Ah, God is such an Artist
And elaborate Designer!
I leap inside to see
What He has done
While walking through
My meadow.

Patricia North
From: “I’ll Chase The Spring”


The Trees Are Melting!

The trees are melting!
Their treasures of gold
Are dripping down
To hug the ground
Like a yellow quilt.
When all their gold is spilt,
I’ll watch for Winter’s
Cotton-crop of snow
That clothes limbs bared
By Autumn’s winds.

Patricia North
From: I’ll Chase The Spring”


Colors In Ohio Hills

Let September bring on October's colors
As the time of Summer slowly ebbs away
Leaves of green yesterday trees did show
Tomorrow will turn to colors of a wide array

Beautiful are the pastel and the rich colors
Painted by the Great Master with His brush
Slowly as each layer of color must be right
With His exacting strokes for there is no rush

With the passing of each day they change
Becoming richer in color to amaze our eyes
Beauty we have in our Southern Ohio hills
Makes us proud that we are true Buckeyes

So many trees there are with these leaves
With many colors of the Yellows and Reds
Some may have different shades and hues
Sadly colors fade and then the tree sheds

Acie  Workman
Eden Park


Color Of The Trees

On this cool Sunday morning in mid October
Hills of Southern Ohio are a picture of delight
God has painted the leaves on the trees here
With the colors that are both vivid and bright

Atop the hill just West of my home I can see
Flaming Red leaves on that large Maple Tree
Burnt Orange, Deep Purple, and Pale Yellows
Are some colors He has made for you and me

As the Sun shines through the tall treetops
A glow of colors seem to reach up into the sky
Tho it was thought there would be little color
Because of the hot Summer that was so dry

Beautiful are the hills we have here in Ohio
Kentucky and West Virginia have colors too
How lucky we are to live in the Tri State area
To enjoy the colors each year as they renew

Acie Workman
Eden Park








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