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January 9, 2014

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God's Hand

I look forward to this new year
To see all that You unfold,
The details You work out, that I don't even know For a tale that. is yet to be told.
This time last year I did not ever dream
l'd be here, where I am today,
All the' changes You brought about
More thanks deserved, than I can say.
So many things You orchestrated
For my life and I didn't even know,
To bring me to this place I'm in
That I didn't know I could ever go.
I thought my life would stay the same
And it was good, for the most part,
But You got me out of a bad situation
And that was just the start.
Now i'm in a place of contentment
Of peace and calm and rest,
That only You, could have brought me to
And I thank You that I'm so blessed.

Jane McCleese
Portsmouth, OH


Belief In God

When we find a time-of suffering
Prayer to God will see ..IS through
It brings a healing of His great love
He has created both me.and you

His compassion will overwhelm us
When we find about His great love
He wants us all to join Him up there
Far away and high in Heaven above

If we heed His promise and we obey
His home we will see that glorious day
There angels will play their harps for us
Heaven through Jesus is the only way

To see God's Promised Land one day
Is what my life on this Earth is about
To be reunited with love ones up there
Belief in God is worth it without doubt:

Acie Workman
Eden Park, OH


Song Of Thanks

When life was dark and filled with fear
Wondering what tomorrow's sun would bring
God sent a light into my life,
And gave me an awesome song to sing.
He was the words and the music,
The lioght in the darkness for me.
I thank Him for letting
His life touch mine,
Giving hope,
And a chance to be free.

Janet Nesler
Sciotoville, OH




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