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Poet's Platform Column | 16 Feb 06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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A Snowy Morning

A whiteness of snow
Covering the crowness of winter
Giving a brightness needed
We all prefer.

But where are the snowbirds
Of pretty red?
Giving some color
To the ground looking dead.

Spring plants are sleeping
Soon to awaken come spring
All earth’s inhabitants will inch up
When the birds have a song to sing.

The snow the children love
To play in and to sleigh
Down the hills and valleys
It makes for a happy day.

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH


The Winter Storms

The snow is early in the morning,
Bringing the new year in the light,
The trees are covered with snow,
The cars are glistening in the night.

School buses are coming in today
The big winter snow is coming by,
The children are dressed for winter,
To keep warm when the wind is high.

There is the big snowplow coming by.
To clean the road from the snowstorm.
We take our shovels and do the job,
For winter clothes will keep us warm.

Its good to stay in and watch the fire,
Wrapped in the big cozy blanket day
A time for reading your very best book.
The Bible is special to bless our way.

Our homes are beautiful in the snow,
Like a picture we treasure each year,
There are times of loving the winter,
With snow and sleds we love so dear.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY


A Snowy Sunday

Bare limbs template eerie patterns
as snow covers trees up on the hill
White is seen on this Sunday morn
Everything now seems to be so still

Without noise the flakes are falling
Piling up to cover the bare ground
Spreading across the rolling terrain
None of the walkways can be found

Rosemount Road was closed earlier
Most cars couldn't make it up the hill
Snow will still be coming this afternoon
Stay in the house, yes, you know I will

This is a great day to do some writing
Or I might watch basketball on the TV
One thing that is for sure and for certain
My hands on that shovel you won’t see

Acie Workman
Eden Park


A Country Winter


When winter arrives in the country,
Nature snuggles in quiet repose.
Fields lie dormant ‘neath a blanket of snow
Where corn stubble withers in beaten-down rows.

Corncribs bulge with the harvest,
The barn loft is crammed with hay.
Livestock huddle close near the feedlot
Finding warmth on a cold wintry day.

The pungent aroma of wood smoke
Permeates the frost-chilled air,
The snow-tinged branches of the barren trees
Reach toward heaven—as if in prayer.

Cold blustery winds buffet the land,
Snowdrifts linger along the fence,
A hearty stew simmers on the cook stove...
Food for the soul—as recompense.

Charles Clevenger
New Boston, Ohio





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