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Poet's Platform Column | 16 Aug 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio

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Summer Solstice

I watch August rain
Streak in slanted shafts
To slake the thirst
Of a drought-parched earth.
Summer gardens welcome
The life-giving rain
And breathe a sigh of relief.

Riding the thermals
Of the lazy breeze,
Redwing Blackbirds
Cavort in G-clef swirls
In concert with frolicsome children
In a sudden summer shower.

Beyond the hazy ridges
Of a sleepy summer day,
October waits to celebrate
The bounty of the earth.

Charles Clevenger
New Boston, Ohio


Summer Dance

The summer meadow is awash
With royal diadems
Of elegant Queen Anne’s Lace.
Waltzing with ballroom grace,
Yellowtail butterflies flurry
To flaunt their delicate beauty;
While bluebirds cavort in their finest garb
To celebrate a sunny day.

Not to be outdone,
Black-eyed Susan’s dance
With the flirting breeze
And smile at the sun.
In eager anticipation,
I wait my turn…
For my heart too—
Loves to dance.

Charles Clevenger
New Boston, Ohio


It Was A Hot Day

With the temperature hitting ninety
It was beginning to feel warm inside
I could hear the air conditioner run
But something is wrong I did decide

With sweat rolling down my cheek
I picked up my city telephone book
Then I called up Air Concepts office
Ask them if they could take a look

My problem happened on a Sunday
I knew we were in some deep trouble
It couldn't gone bad during the week
So all of the charges will be double

He said I am sorry its the compressor
It has locked up tight as you can see
I suppose we can get you a new one
This one is two weeks out of warranty

Today the weather is in the seventies
Our new air conditioner works real nice
I guess that is the way things work out
If you want it you must pay the price 

Acie workman
Eden Park








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