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May 15 , 2014

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I love the way you
laugh at my jokes.
You love the way I am
like you.
We both love.
You love the way
Papa teases me.
I love the way
we mesh perfectly.

Emma Ball  (9 years old)
Xenia, OH



With trusting faith
 I plant the seeds
though I can't tell
the flowers from weeds.
Until the blossoms
prove them so
I water all
and let them grow

Linda Swift Reeder
Paducah, KY



You will no longer occupy a space in my bathroom,
Old friend—old enemy,
Today I am breaking up with you.
I will not greet you every morning and
stare at your fluctuating numbers.
I will not meet you every night with dread.
I am stepping out of body bondage.
I choose freedom!

Melissa Martin
Wheelersburg, OH



Have you ever stopped to wonder why
This lovely creature’s called “Butterfly”?
It seems to me that name’s untrue
If you notice what it can do.

This little beauty bobs up and down
Flying so softly, making no sound.
Up and down and round about
Light on wing, without a doubt.

From flower to flower it glides along
Filling my garden with glad, glad song.
Tasting each blossom as it flitters by,
Why do we call it “Butterfly”?

How inappropriate to be named so,
The way it flutters to and fro.
When you watch it going by
Why not call it “Flutterfly”?

Polly Lyons
Lancaster, OH




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