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Poet's Platform Column | 15 March 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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You are a man…a poet.
You caress my heart with your passionate words.
You devour my soul with your eyes.
You linger in my thoughts with no pretence of endless rhyme…You have become the illusion that lay shadows against my soul.

My heart lies beneath the unlimitless boundaries of your desire…
I share with you – mine.

Loretta Craig
Flatwoods, KY




Here, light pours in like butter
glossing the floor
your chair

the two of us.
You turn with eyes that say
    Night waits on the doorstep.

I study your face, linger
long moments, thinking
                             Stay, stay.

I touch your thinning hair
and the dry odor of loss rises like ground fog.
Eyes closed,

I fill myself with your scent.
Your breath flutters.
You turn to the window.

Gold maple leaves give back the sun.

Ernie O’Dell

Louisville, KY


Green Apple Lost

My teeth pierced through
the crisp newness of your flesh.
You were not a dropped apple,
for common gleaners to carry away.

I hand-picked you that weekend,
From a wild orchard
Trembling high upon the ridge.

Oh the sweet-tartness of your flesh!
You were miracle fruit,
come to sustain and heal me
for a season.

I have since nibbled fruit
from other trees,
always… return hungry from the hill.

Juanita Mays
Milford, OH


The Senses Whisper Hope

With dying still in every fiber,
I hear rustle of leaves
in Oak and Elm,
I see blue bird chatter on busy
life errands.
I feel lapping of lake as it
breaks on sand,
I stand on green carpet
fresh with

Janet Nesler




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