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Poet's Platform Column | 15 Feb 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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He loved the way she smelled
All sweet and sticky
She was daddy’s little girl
Her favorite place
Was in his arms

He would be there soon
She had to get ready
She put on the scent he loved
He said it was a sexy smell
Her favorite place was in his arms

She exchanged her sexy smell
For one of baby powder and lotion
He told her it made him love her more
She and her daughter found their place
In his arms

Once more they had time for each other
Her sexy smell was back
He fell in love
All over again
She belonged in his arms

Now alone
She exchanged her sexy smell
For one of comfort
One that offered relief from pain
She missed being in his arms

Her grandkids say
Grandma smells of cookies,
hot chocolate and Moth balls!
Moth balls are a grandma smell
They liked being in her arms

The funeral was a big one
Stories abound
Many talked of smells and memories
Her smells spoke of love, comfort and home
Her arms enfolded them still

He was true to his word
He was taking her home
He smiled and
Told her he loved her
Once again she was happy
In his arms

Judith Cheek


I find I need you
Like the forest needs the rain
When will these droughts end


Feathers in my heart
Softer than a butterfly
Every time you smile

Margi Russell



Love can bloom for years
With the right care as it grows
Kindness the forefront


Love is a strong word
That fastens to the heart strings
Must pull the right ones

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH







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