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Poet's Platform Column | 14 Feb. 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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Tribute To A Soldier

Ah, to hear those sweet nothings again,
the beginnings of true love and pretend,
such rapturous joy we shared
and all our soul we bared.

She was my soldier;
I’d still love to hold her
in the arms of our dreams
when she was queen, supreme.

In our trek through life,
she was a lover, a wife,
and when times pushed too rough,
we stood together, tight and tough.

If familiarity breeds contempt,
we were not aware of it,
though no marriage is exempt
from the slings and arrows of rift.

A newborn son told the tale
and so proudly we hailed.

Nothing was too large or small
for her to do at all,
and, observing, I stood in awe
as she kept us standing tall.

When day faded into night,
she bravely fought with little light.
some of the mind slipped too,
and she could ask---why not you?

Then she left me in deep depression
without a chance to say goodbye;
Only God knows His own expression
of who lives, who dies,
and not for us to ask the reason why.

As soldiers march in times of war,
she fought the daily grind of living,
and no doubt wondered—what for,
if the journey turns to unforgiving?

She wore no uniform to mold her,
nor heard the battle cries,
but she was Ruth, my soldier,
As sure as the eagle flies.

Paul R. Jorden
Bardstown, KY


Will You?

Will you love me wildly?
Will you love me well?
Will you take me as I am
Or say a fare thee well.
Will you reach within me
To a place that no one’s been
And live forever in there
Not allowing others in?
If I take a chance on love
Risk a broken heart
Will you be my true one
The one who’ll never part?

Judy Cheek




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