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Poet's Platform Column | 14 Dec 06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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The streets are silent with falling snow,
The candles in the windows aglow,
Bright eyes dazzle and sparkle so,
It’s Christmas time, you know!

 Daddy and Mommy are whispering low,
Their shopping more and I can’t go,
Oh, I can’t wait for that day to show,
It’s Christmas time, you know!

The front gate is decked with a bright red bow,
And as I look out the window to the yard below,
Children in merriment, woolen clothes, head to toe,
It’s Christmas time, you know!

There’s a sleigh in the yard with buck and doe.
The reindeer are perfectly lined in a row,
Santa is here with a ho, ho, ho.
It’s Christmas time, you know!
Virginia Davis Wiseman
Cicero, Indiana



Snowflakes gently falling down,
Covering the ground with fresh snow,
Songs of Crosby, White Christmas,
Fills the air, as the music flows.

Scenes of the little town of Bethlehem,
Where there was no room in the inn,
Jesus sleeping in a manger bed,
Mary heart had praise within.

Snow flakes glittering in the sun,
Church bells ring out the news,
Christ the Savior is living today,
The joy of Christmas is renewed.

Nancy Mineer

South Shore, KY



Magic everywhere
It’s almost Christmas Day time
Love has snowed us in.


Peace on earth we need
The Eastern Star is still seen
All around the world.

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH






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