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Poet's Platform Column | 14 Aug. 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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Get a Grip
(on self control)

An enemy I strove to know.
Dogged my steps where ‘ere I’d go.
My plans he balked
and blocked my way.
To lofty goals he
answered: “Nay!”
‘Till I from him the veil did draw.
I looked and lo... myself I saw.

Mary Woodward
Wooster, OH

Just Say No

We all need a “stop doing list.”
To do or not to do.
Do keep things focused.
Choose your assignments carefully.
Refuse to open the door to
every opportunity that knocks.
Do remember that opportunity
does not equal obligation.
Stop! Check your “not to do list.”
Just say no.

Mary Woodward
Wooster, OH



Just when the dawn begins its radiant glow,
I steal away to hide in nature’s arms
Beside a tree where rippling waters flow,
And tranquil hours erase all thoughts of harm.

I see the earth in wise routine display
The smells and looks of spring from year to year.
But, now I wonder with each passing day,
How can earth smile behind its falling tears.

As plastic trash is seen most everywhere.
And cigarettes with tat-tail stubs are left
With beer cans that seem to foul the air
And no one seems to have a care or regret.

Perhaps some day when life on earth is through
We’ll spin in space like dying planets do.

Edna Keffer



Our tomorrows
are shaped by today’s

To stay or go
To love or not.

Choose carefully
the path for tomorrow’s dawn.
The decision may haunt you

Janet Nesler









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