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Poet's Platform Column | 13 Nov. 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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Veterans march in perfect rhythm,
In the Veterans Day parade,
To honor the nation’s heroes,
That make our country so great.

A salute to Old Glory, our flag,
Blowing and swaying in the wind,
The stars and stripes forever,
Brings hope to all within.

Veterans proud to serve their country,
In foreign or distant lands,
Soldiers dressed in battle garments,
On the sea, or the desert sand.

Standing together for a purpose,
Ready to give their all,
For God and for their country,
Side by side and standing tall.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY


The Silent War

Tonight. . .
I sleep on my side
and stare out the window,
another sleepless night.
The house falls dead around me.
All the sounds drowned out by living
come to life;

The old dog. . .dreaming aloud,
The furnace. . .throwing up heat,
And the rhythmic pounding
of my guaranteed dripless faucet.

Smiling. . .I comfort myself
In this world I’ve built around me;
My materialistic fort.

Suddenly. . .a truck backfires
The mind snaps. . .my walls come down.
The switch is thrown. . .and I find myself
In that other world. . .crawling.

Slowly I rub the scar
That runs the length of my abdomen
and remember;
All those gooks
Waiting inside the woodline. . .
How they opened up on us. . .
How we ran for cover. . .
How I didn’t see the wire. . .
How the hot metal felt. . .
As it ripped through my flesh.

Silently. . .I weep. . .for the dead
Knowing tomorrow morning
Over sweet rolls and coffee
I can reach for your hand
And somewhere in the silence
Understand the suffering
Of soldiers home from war.

R. Franklin Pate
Louisville, KY



To Be Free

Stand up and be counted friends of the USA
Show your true colors if you are an ally to thee
Not one fake do we want to see as a pretender
Don't try to fool this land that's home of the free

Don't envy this great Nation of the United States
Join in with us to bring freedom the world around
Throw off the shackles of the bondage you have
You will soon find that you are freedom bound

We will fight with all of our strength for freedom
For once you are free then you will know the way
To live in a country that allows you to travel about
Without restrictions to go anywhere on any day

Our forefathers fought hard to build this nation
Some worked in city factories others plowed sod
They worked hard for all the things we now have
Always giving their thanks to our protecting God

Acie Workman
Eden Park







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