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March 13, 2014

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Soon there will be green clover,
Covering the Ireland old deal,
St. Patrick's Day was so special,
Growing in the clover field.
In Ireland the community adored,
The church that was so blessed,
They all loved to sing and praise God,
For the work was done and they rested.
We are to honor God for all his love,
He has given to make us rejoyce,
We must look back to the older church,
Sing the old Amazing Grace, with joy.
Cities have their St. Patrick's churches,
Perhaps in a modern day of styles,
We must remember the Church of Ireland,
How they all loved God, Praising Him.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY


Good Luck Charms

Today I go forth armed with amulets,
enough ... to ensure that luck,
the good kind, will find me.
Charms, totems, and fetishes
dangle from a bracelet
encircling my wrist;
a found copper is stashed in a pocket
along with painted pebbles, pictish stones;
a chain holding a horseshoe
is worn about my neck;
a rabbit's foot and a wishbone
are carried with me;
a bouquet of four-leaf clovers
adorns tresses above my left ear.
Protected by these talismans,
surely good luck will come to me
whenever I find a daisy
and pluck the petals, one by one
to find out if "he loves me" or
"he loves me not".

The Widow Lyons
Lancaster, OH



Joy is the precursor to peace
Joy is the foundation for happiness
Joy is the harvest of surrender
from suppressive hang-ups.

Joy is accepting who
and what we are.
Joy is understanding God's Love.

Like the fragrance of a spring flower. . .
Joy is the essence  of life!

Charles Clevenger
New Boston, OH
From: "In The Key of G"







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