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Poet's Platform Column | 13 Mar. 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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St. Patrick Day

On the lush fields of Ireland,
The Shamrocks blooms in white,
A clover that St Patrick planted,
That glows like a star lit night.

You can hear the childrens laughter,
As they play among the blooms,
Picking flowers in their Bonnets,
While they sing their Irish tunes.

St. Patrick was a Missionary Bishop,
And taught Christianity to Irish people
He founded over three hundred Churches
With the white walls and tall steeples.

I’d love to visit the beautiful Ireland,
Although it seems so far away,
And walk through fields of green clover,
My true Irish dream on St. Patrick Day.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY.


Hurry Spring

March comes roaring o’er the hills
Like a lion on the prowl
To give chase to winter’s icy grip
With a threatening scornful howl.

Old Man Winter stands his ground
To face the raging lion;
But the winds of March are resolute,
And soon the snows are dyin’.

March brings rain and fickle winds
That promise to hurry Spring.
Eager hearts rejoice and await
The new life springtime will bring.

The lions of March give way to lambs,
As warmer breezes blow,
The snow and cold are in retreat,
And soon, new life will grow.

Charles Clevenger
New Boston, OH
From: “Come Walk With Me”


Spring Whispers

Root whispers,
Subtler than sound,
Start rising
Before the snow departs,
But the heart
Can hear the whispers,
Can silently communicate
With unheard promises
And pull them
With desire
Until non-sounds,
Unwinding up
Toward wanting,
Burst from hibernation
And blossom awake
Into color-muted
Words of eloquence.

John Engle Jr.
Xenia, OH




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