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Poet's Platform Column | 13 July 06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio

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Home is where you know things:
how to call the dog
and where to rub the cat,
which step creaks
when you sneak upstairs
after twelve,

that the third drawer sticks
and the faucet drips
at night;

which chair to sit
and where to put your feet
so mother won't scold,
what window remembers her,
reflects her yet
on green green mornings.

Sue Lonney



For Mrs. Gould and Coach Beau

Arms and legs and leotards,
bending to the practice bar,
fickle feet that twitch in time
to music ages old...
teacher calling out the steps
that walk inside her soul.

Rhythms of the ancients
echoed by her son
who leads the motley bodies
through the din.

A row of raw delight
trying to conform,
happy that the time has come:
dance class has begun.

Sue Lonney


What happens to a dream?

Does it explode like a bomb,
or does it light up like joy?
Does it sing like birds,
or does it make a cheetah roar
like a sumore wrestler?
Does it make monkeys
dance like the wind,
or does it come from your heart?

Myiah S. Brown
Columbus, OH
Age 11


I Pledge Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the schools
who aren’t cool
I pledge allegiance to the boys
who still plays with toys
I pledge allegiance to the girls
who have curls in their hair

Myiah S. Brown
Columbus, OH
Age 11





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