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February 13 , 2014

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When We Were Young

When we were young, the thoughts of love
Were feelings only old folks knew
But as we grew older we discovered
That love means someone like you

Someone with a smile that spreads
Across your face and into your eyes
and lights up the room you're in
That someone is you, my friend.

So happy Valentine wishes are given
To you and all of your friends
May the beauty of love shine forever
In your hearts and happiness never end.

Edna Keffer
Portsmouth, OH
From: "POEMS and other writings"



spider weaves a web
you weave a spell over me
clever of you both

Margi Russell
Portsmouth, OH


if we were crayons
and i was boxed next to you
i would not be blue

Margi Russell
Portsmouth, OH


written in the wind
he who sets my spirit free
also binds my heart

Margi Russell
Portsmouth, OH
All From: "feathers in my heart"


Children's hearts are full of fun,
With laughter and great joy,
When they make their Valentines,
Adding a little candy and small toys.
Valentine's Day at the school,
Brings all their talent out,
They draw and cut and paste the cards,
And soon their cards looks just right.
With little fingers stuck in glue,
And small hearts of ribbon and lace.
The children design their Valentines,
Of stick people and a smiling face.
One special card for the teacher,
Who is like an Angel from above,
The rest is given to their friends,
Of little Hearts and big Hearts of love.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY






13 feb 14 column


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