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Poet's Platform Column | 13 Dec 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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Christ, the Star

In a little town called Bethlehem,
so many years ago,
Jesus was born in a manger,
because He loved us so.
He gave up his heavenly position,
to dwell on earth among men,
Then He could walk beside us,
that He would forgive our sins.

The shepherds saw the beauty
of the star that shone so bright,
That guided them to the place,
where Jesus lay on that holy night.
A heavenly host of angels sang
the praises of God’s son.
Glory to God in the highest,
a new child in Bethlehem was born.

Wise men came to seek the Christ child
for they had seen the star,
This majestic night of all the earth
brought them from afar,
To celebrate the Savior’s birth
on that sacred holy night,
And when we seek to find him,
Jesus, the Star of Bethlehem, will give us life.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY


What Is Christmas

May this time of the year show you happiness
Let the joy of this festive season be heartfelt
Think of why we celebrate this great Holiday
Know It isn't for the fat man with a black belt

It is the birth of Baby Jesus that we celebrate
He who was born in a manger that dark night
Unable to get a room at any of the local inns
They decided that a barn would be alright

Born that night in the small city of Bethlehem
He was both adored and hated by many men
This son of God told of a place named Heaven
Giving us a life better than this one has been

So when we think of this season of Christmas
Remember what we really celebrate that day
This Holy man who gave His life to save us all
His life started in that manger filled with hay

Acie Workman
Eden Park



A holy time
Our Savior came to save
The world so that we may have life
He lives

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH



Born in a stall
So tiny but so great
Humble gift to a dying world

Janet Nesler






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