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Poet's Platform Column | 13 April 06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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I would like to invite all poets who would like to be published
to send your poems to me at the address listed
at the bottom of this column.  I would like to hear from you.
This is your column to express yourself through poetry.
Hope your Easter is a new beginning for you in all ways.

Poetry Editor,
Janet Nesler   

He's Alive

On a rocky mount called Golgotha
Our Saviour was crucified.
In agony and pain He took our sins
To the Cross where He bled and died.

Between two thieves He bore our sins
While His Mother wept and mourned.
Nails impaled His tortured hands,
In pain He was mocked and scorned.

A crown of thorns pierced His brow,
In shame He was crucified.
"It is finished", He cried in agony,
Then gave up the ghost-- and died.

His garment, a rumpled scarlet cloth
Lay heaped at the foot of the cross.
Mockers in jest cast lots for it
While the disciples suffered His loss.

Three days He lay in a cold dark tomb
Where His followers mourned and prayed.
A huge stone covered the burial place
Where His lifeless body was laid.

But death can't hold the Son of God;
No grave can be His prison.
"He's Alive, He's Alive", the cry resounds,
"Our Saviour lives ... for He is risen."


Charles Clevenger
New Boston, Ohio                                     


That Golden Road

I see that golden road just ahead
It is waiting there for you and me
With flowers planted on each side
So much beauty for us all to see

It winds upward into the clouds
Bright shinny and so very clean
With open skies we look onward
Searching for a Heavenly scene

This road leads to His Kingdom
A place He has made for us all
Know for sure He will be there
When that final trumpet will call

He has told us that it is up there
Believe in Him and it will be true
Walk on that road and meet Him
Heaven awaits both me and you

Acie Workman
Eden Park




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