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June 12 , 2014

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Happy Fathers Day

My Dad always got up early in the morning,
And he knew when it was breakfast time.
Biscuits and gravy with plenty of bacon,
The coffee was perking and brewing so fine

Dad’s hands were so bruised from working
Using the older ways of selling his logs.
The trees were tall and in good condition,
The oaks, maple and pine trees in the fog.

Taylor always had his favorite working horse,
We thought Big Red loved all the attention.
He was taken to the logs woods in the country,
Where Dad worked hard to make a good living.

There was a time of seeing the treasures,
That are in the world of nature and trees.
The squirrels, rabbits and the wild turkey,
Plenty of dried ginseng to be sold for a fee.

Now we have our computers and caterpillars,
That will be used in working in the timber.
The horses will be used in the racing day.
The old days left a good time to remember.

The day started with the reading of God’s word,
Dad was proud to be the Father of the children
Rachel, his wife was always there for cooking,
Fathers Day was a happy time in the evening.


Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY


Three Haiku for My Sleeping Father

Invisible winds
Down hot dog day hollows move
My father awakes

Down dirt road ruts drop
Drops of sweat on varnished wood
Dad dreams in his chair

Far away crow call
Hoarse against summer stillness
Dad whispers in sleep

Robert Kimsey
McCaysville, GA
From: "Paths From The Shawnee Spring"



He was always a rock; a tower of strength,
Our earthly source of security, love, unity
A man for all seasons; unwavering,
In home, his profession, and in community.

He is dependable, our ark of safety,
Always there to lend a helping hand.
He is usually correct in his advice to us,
His wisdom our daily demand.
He lives on now, alone, but not lonely.
Blind, but seeing ever so well, as before,
The Lord is his guard and his covering,
His hopes not of this world anymore.

An example of unconditional love and courage,
A legend in his time, standing tall,
My dad will be loved forever,
His legacy, an example for us all.

Virginia Davis Wiseman
Goodyear, AZ


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