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Poet's Platform Column | 12 June 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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A Balanced Dad

Dad was strong and dependable,
A "Rock of Gibraltar" was he,
He said what he meant, and he meant what he said,
There were consequences if his count went to three.

Yes, he was as strict as a warrior,
A wise man who rarely was wrong,
And there was another side to daddy,
His love was as sweet as a song.

He was there, always available,
To help in our time of need.
We didn't always heed the advice that he gave,
To our detriment, we didn't always succeed!

Life is full of heartache and trouble,
My advice is to listen to Dad.
He always has our best interest at heart,
He's the best friend you'll ever have!

Daddy is gone now, to his heavenly home,
I miss him so much, so much more every day,
But I know before long I will see him again,
In that great homecoming, not too far away.

Virginia Davis Wiseman
Cicero, Indiana


Dad, Our Umbrella of Safety

Dads come in all sizes,
Extra large, large, medium and small,
Their assignment is for protection of family,
A Spiritual leader, if they've heeded God's call.

They are the "umbrella of safety" for family,
To thwart off the enemy's hold,
A special place in the chain of command,
Dad's worth is much greater than gold.

That's why the enemy seeks to break up homes,
And causes the family to roam.
He wants no umbrella of safety,
Over momma, children and home.

O Lord, hear our cry for Wisdom,
And the power to heed your every word,
That we will honor our daddy,
And live a safe life on earth

For we are here just a short time,
Our days are numbered, its true,
While here, help us honor our Fathers,
And your Word, Lord, help us to do.

God gave us the blessing of Daddy,
Safety from unwary storms and strife,
Let us honor his position as Father,
And blessings will flow in our life.

It is never too late to honor daddy,
Even if he has gone to the grave,
For nothing on earth is as strong as Love,
He will know of the honor you gave.

Bless you, Daddy. Thank you for the umbrella of protection.

Virginia Davis Wiseman
Cicero, Indiana 


My Dad-- A Coal Miner

We lived in a Village with people,
Almost every man worked in coal.
Near by was the School of New Hall,
Sometimes we were warm and cold.

Dad woke up early in the morning,
With the brewing coffee so hot,
It was time of sharing rides together,
Eating our lunch and our thoughts

Digging out the coal was remembered,
How the light was very hard to see,
They all worked the hours together,
And dreamed of what their future will be.

There was always a big Company store,
Where food and merchandise were there.
The Coal Miners were very busy working,
Lots of digging coal with gloves to wear.

The Coal Miners worked very long hours,
And came home at the dust of the night.
And Father’s Day was so very special,
The Coal Miner Cecil, a worker delight.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore KY



violets and grass
clutched in tiny chubby hands
daddy just for you

Margi Russell








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