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Poet's Platform Column | 12 July 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio

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School Days

It’s been a long time
Since I saw you last
You still haven’t changed.

I think back to when
We were in grade school
We thought boys were “for the birds”
Jumping rope was the coolest thing.

At recess or lunch time
We’d take off our shoes
And put our feet in the cool water
Of the creek behind old Duck Run School.

All us girls played
Jump ropes and jacks
While the boys all played
Marbles and mumble peg.

Then all the boys and girls
Would team up
With our two teachers
To play a game of baseball.

We are Grandma’s
And Great-Grandma’s now—
But isn’t memories fun
To remember?

Florence Wagner


It Doesn’t Always Work

While eating breakfast cereal
of rice and oats,
I cut up a banana
and give it a poke
Into the mess of vitamins,
which I’m told,
Will strengthen and keep me
from getting old.

I pour on the milk
it crackles and pops
Then I wait patiently
until it stops
Before gulping it down
with effortless ease.
Now I’m ready to spring forward
in the morning breeze.

But, aghast, I’m filled
with a bit of despair,
This darn stuff won’t
get me out of my chair.

Edna Keffer
From “POEMS and other writings”


Moving Up The Ladder Of Time

We are all moving up the ladder of time,
Day after day after day,
Each birthday year takes us farther
There’s nothing we can do or say.

Your ladder can be entwined with flowers,
Or be simple or plain.
As you step off each rung going
You will have both sunshine and rain.

Just like life provides and says
There are not beds of roses all the way,
You’ll miss some and fall back
That’s when you need to pray.

As we keep climbing
And the years pile time and again
We’ll bask in the sunshine
We’ll taste life’s bitter cup of refrain.

But Oh! My friends be so thankful
For all the good you’ve done—
Then when you step off into Glory
You’ll hear my Lord say kindly
“Well done, precious one”

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH






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