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Poet's Platform Column | 12 Jan 06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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Let children be children
Because one day they will be children no more
Do not walk a path that has already been made for you
Find the strength in your heart to make your own dreams
Seek the unknown like an adventure waiting to be found
Let the beauty of your life shine through hard times
Be a like zebra and roam the African Plains
Don’t be a housedog with an owner
Run as fast as you can from the darkness
Have as much confidence as an eagle
Soar through the air because it cannot stop you
Dream an endless dream that leads you to happiness
Do the unthinkable and live life as it comes to you
With what I have told you
You will find yourself independent

Haley Washington
Peebles, OH
Age 14


If I Could Live My Life Over

If I could live my life over
I often have thought,
Would fate bring the things
That once she had brought?
Or could I avoid the ruts in the road
To detour ahead, would it lessen my load?
Would the joy I have known
Be gone from my mind?
Be replaced by some new lot,
Would seem so unkind.

I must be content,
For this cannot be.
A glance in the future
One cannot see.
So live for the future
With a mind on the past,
And make every present,
Full of memories to last.

Rosemary Kalb



You can never kill my dreams.
I will always find
A scrap of paper
The stub of a pencil.

You may think you can erase
All the things that I am,
But with my last breath
I shall still breathe me.

Juanita Mays
Milford, OH
(Formerly of McDermott)


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