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Poet's Platform Column | 11 Sept. 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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Love For America

Years ago when things were different
You went to bed with an unlocked door
Automobiles had a key left in the ignition
You just don't do those things anymore

With all of the many changes these days
Things must be kept under lock and key
Back at the time we were much younger 
These times we didn't think we would see

Carefree days have passed and are gone
Protection is now a word we hear every day
Our home and homeland is now in danger
It is time for us to keep bias thoughts away

We are Americans, pull together and survive
Let not those petty differences push us apart
It is imperative that we must all stick together
As we keep the love for America in our heart

Acie Workman
Eden Park


Our Great Country

Our great country needs to return to its roots
Not to stand idly by and see it run by a few
Think of why our forefathers came to America
To start this land of the red, white, and blue

Freedom to worship God was their mission
Taxation without representation had to go
Hard working people who wanted freedom
On these ideas this country began to grow

Great men and women worked hard for it
Going to war if this must be the only way
Wanting to see all people safe and secure
Having a church where anyone might pray

Some of their greatest dreams have faded
In public they have tried to ban God's name
Now the Ten Comandments must not be seen
Was this why our forefathers here first came

Think my fellow Americans, you will realize
With God's help we became a great country
Should we throw it all away to appease some
If in God we trust, we can still keep her free

Acie Workman
Eden Park



Why is there so much turmoil today
It seems so much confusion is seen
Where has all of the friendship gone
It seems everyone is angry or mean

We are worried about the economy
Banks loans are failing almost daily
Greedy bankers over extended loans
Both them and the clients are angry

We now pay inflated prices to buy oil
Yet it seems we have a lot of our own
Some have suggested oil companies
Have lied as their profits have grown

It is my most sacred hope and prayer
That God protects this land of the free
Keep His Holy name before the masses
I know He will protect both you and me

Acie  Workman
Eden Park









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