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Poet's Platform Column | 11 May06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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I would like to invite all poets to visit my new website where you will find all columns of Poet’s Platform that have been published since January 1, 2006.  The website will be updated weekly and each column added.  If your friends in other states would like to read your poems that have been published in The Scioto Voice they will be able to do so by visiting my website.  The website is and will be listed at the bottom of the column each week with the submitting address.  I invite all poets to submit their poems on any subject.
Remember this is your column and I hope you enjoy a look through my website.

Happy Mothers Day to all Moms,

Janet Nesler

To: Grace Simering Hanes



I think of Mom as a special friend
She’s been there through thick and thin,
Our lives have been close in significant ways,
Rejoicing in victories and triumphs along adventurous days.

She’s taught me so much about being a mother,
Like caring and sharing and loving each other.
She was often busy doing routine chores,
I tried to help her out by cleaning the floors.

At four thirty each day she’d have food on the table,
She was a good cook and that’s no fib or fable.
Mashed potatoes and homemade noodles,
And perfect lemon meringue pies.
Our family would dig in, plenty of food for the guys.

She helped out with the dairy by washing the milk jugs,
Making sure they were clean and free from barn bugs.
She would sit and listen to my problems and woes
Trying to give me comfort
As one who has been there and knows.

She’s outlived Dad by exactly twenty years this July,
It’s been hard on her and we all know why.
But life goes on, and she’s taken care of the farm,
With a Who’s Who In Business
Managing responsibilities with charm.

The Beck sons knew her as their only grandma,
They mowed the grass when there was no grandpa.
She comes over and goes to the movies with us
But doesn’t like to hear the people cuss.

When I think of mom I feel lucky and blessed,
She deserves applause that needs to be stressed.
So thank you Mom, for all you’ve done,
Despite some heartaches, overall it’s been fun!

Barb Hanes Beck
South Webster, OH


Write Mother A Letter

Write Mother a letter to show her you care.
She will read it often
When the lights are low,
In the same old corner
She nursed you years ago.

You could write a thousand letters
To the girl that you adore.
You could say in every letter
That you love her more and more.

But a letter much more welcome
To someone that misses you,
Is a letter to a Mother,
From her son when she is blue.

So sit down tonight
And drop her a line or two
To show her you care.
Happy Mother’s Day.

Calvin Jordan
Lucasville, OH


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