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June 11, 2009

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Dedicated to: Luther Vernon Smith

With tears of pride for their country,
The Veterans stood in silence,
As they watched our flag being raised,
The gentle breeze blowing it higher.

All who know the pain and suffering,
Gave honor to those who gave their lives,
All proud to be an American citizen,
On the land, on the sea, or in the skies.

Fighting for our freedom for America,
Through the cold and foreign land,
Let the Stars and Stripes be honored,
For God and Country we will stand.

Let all America raise the flag in honor,
And sing its anthem throughout the land,
We all are proud to be an American,
One Nation under God we will stand.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY
From: Nancy’s Poetry Corner
              Volume II



Our sons and daughters fought for freedom,
In the cold distant foreign lands,
Wars of sacrifice of life and their safety,
On the seas, in the skies and the desert sands.

Wars and conflicts in our battlefields,
It seems so hopeless and so long,
We give honor to our service men and women,
And raise our flag, and sing our freedom songs.

Let the colors of Stars and Stripes forever shine,
As our flag sways in the silent breeze
And may we never forget our fallen hero’s,
The price of living in America, the land of the free.

Let our Nation raise the flag with prides
And keep God as our hope and peace1
For He who controls this wonderful universe,
Watches over us all and keeps us safe and free.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY
From: Nancy’s Poetry Corner
            Volume II


OUR FLAG                                                               

Swaying in the wind with floating colors,
Our lovely flag of red, white and blue,
Sending all the world a message . . .
The price of living in freedom’s truth.

Thanks to the Veterans who bravely served,
World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm,
They stand tall . . . proud of their country,
When the “Star Spangled Banner” is being sung.

Salute the “Old Glory” as she sways forever in time,
Honor to the fallen comrades of our nations best.
May God forever keep our country safe in His care,
May our United States always be blessed.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY
From: Nancy’s Poetry Corner
            Volume I




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