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Poet's Platform Column | 10 May 07

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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She wove her material before making her dresses,
Curing meat, producing soap, making lard,
Milking cows before daybreak, churning butter,
She was only a child, working diligent and hard.
My mother, like no other!

She arose early, she and her sister, Mary
To prepare breakfast for Pop before his work,
without delay,
Cleaned and prepared a chicken and made biscuits,
Before walking to school each day.
My Mother, like no other!

She married my dad, gave birth to seven children,
A wonderful woman, tiny, but strong
She was the first to go to Heaven from our church,
A celebration there, but mourning here, forever so long
For our Mother, like no other!

All her children rose up to call her Blessed,
I’m sure the Lord has her in a mansion on High,
My Mother, so precious, self-sacrificing,
We have hope to see her again, by and by.
My Mother, like no other.

Virginia Davis Wiseman
Cicero, Indiana


My Mother Irene

She could be eloquent,
Then so quiet,
But always poised.
A beautiful woman,
Not just in outward looks,
But a deep inner beauty,
The beauty of a near
Perfect revelation.

An aura of peace,
Knowledge of being at
Home with the universe,
A sense of belonging.
I know that sometime
In her past…
She came to terms
With life.

How? It must have been
Painful.  But now, that inner
Revelation even borders on
Gaiety.  She could laugh at

Mary Woodward
Orrville, OH



Always strong
You can stop awhile and lean against her
Always seems to know
Just like she’s sat through life once
Always there
Even before you know you need her
Always laughing
Seems to be there’s no wrong time for fun
Always fine
Just ask her, she hasn’t time to be sick
Always able to make ends meet
You just can’t stretch a dollar farther
Always warm
Better than an electric blanket
Always soft
Softer than White Cloud
Always smells like Mom
There just isn’t a sweeter smell to compare
Always love
So much love.  Need I say more?
I love you, Mom!  Thanks fir being you.

Rosemary Lambert-Gelman
Painsville, OH






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