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Poet's Platform Column | 10 July 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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The tour has ended
I am coming home
Meet me at the station
Engulf me in your arms

Hand in hand we’ll walk
Enjoy the sun and rain
Among the trees and flowers
Love will bloom again
So we can start anew

Florence Wagner




It was in a trench, in Iraq,
A soldier brave and strong,
Took from his pocket, a tattered bible,
T’was once his dad’s, in Viet Nam.

The pages were faded and marked upon;
The scriptures, oh, so clear,
He too, trusted God, to keep him safe,
As he felt the Savior near.

Reading the Word in the dusk of evening,
Gave hope and peace to a soul in grief.
He laid his head on the ground that night,
In rest, comfort and renewed belief.

God will be his all and all,
He will protect and guide,
And keep him unto Himself,
With love and power by his side.

He was filled with joy and boldness,
To proclaim the Word, and  the Son,
From daddy’s tattered bible,
To the soldiers, one by one.

That night, in the roadside trench,
A peace they had never known,
Filled the soldiers as they heard,
Of the promises God had shown.

It was that tattered bible,
Old and worn, but loved so dear,
Brought the Word of God in power,
To the soldiers that were there.

Salvation came so freely,
To all of those who would hear it,
Because of the tattered bible,
And the soldier, filled with the Spirit!

Virginia Davis Wiseman
Cicero, IN .


In Mogadishu

The dust swirls along with the flies

The heat stifles and people die in Mogadishu
All is pain, it never rains
The bodies smell, it is hell in Mogadishu
Fear and Hate never abate
It’s push and shove, there is no love in Mogadishu
Speed the day,  don’t let me stay
All here suffer, God must start over in Mogadishu

Charles Lloyd Turner                                      








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