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Poet's Platform Column | 10 Jan 08

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio


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The Year of 2008

Leaving the old year behind us,
Looking for the New 2008 year,
Hoping for the best for everyone,
Our faith in God, we’ll never fear.

I want to speak well for others,
And wishing them the best of time
Enjoying life through joy or pain,
And special friends they will find.

You can have your choice in life,
Learning to be your very best.
Living in this world with competition,
In a year if work and more rest.

In this year, there will be sunshine.
And there will be plenty of rain.
The wind will be clean and blowing,
Letting the beauty of the earth begin.

Enjoying the world God has made,
This is the beginning of the year.
Asking God to guide our daily lives.
With Joy and Peace, that is so near.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY


Quiet Holiday

I did not speak today
of that which bothers me
in so many ways.
I would’ve loved to celebrate,
but I chose to be alone.
I spent the day in the wind. . .
Cleansing my soul in the sun.
Just sitting under the trees
with the world in my eyes.
I’d never done such before
on the anniversary of my being.
But experiencing it today,
gave me hope for the
New year.

Mary Woodward
Orrville, OH


This New Year

Tonight old man two thousand seven
Gives way to baby two thousand eight
Some will be watch the old year away
While others will not stay up that late

This New Year gives pause to wonder
Will things be any better than the last
Is it possible we see peace this Earth
Catastrophic events happen very fast

If looking through rose colored glasses
We could see a world full of perfection
Still we must be logical in our thoughts
Knowing the future will be so uncertain

May the new year bring you happiness
Don't let a devil cause you to be enticed
Trust only in the words of our Holy Savior
To know and love our Lord Jesus Christ

Acie  Workman
Eden Park







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