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Poet's Platform Column | 10 Aug 06

by Janet Nesler | The Scioto Voice | Wheelersburg, Ohio

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My Father

My Father in Heaven look down on me,
One of your children you will see.
Hear my prayers when I pray.
Help to make me a better person each day.

I need Thee in the light of day.
To lead me along life’s highway.
I need Thee in the darkness of night.

To make decisions that are right

I heard You whisper to me and say,
“Come my child and try my way”.
I knew then what I must do.
Be baptized and follow You.

Peaceful and quiet now is my life.
Since Jesus came to show me the light
Holding it high that others might see,
Is using a gift He gave to me.

Imogene Houston


Miracles Are Real

I see miracles in the Heavens,
The moon, the stars, clouds and sun,
I see miracles in the Heavens,
Morning, noon, when evenings done.

They’re everywhere you look,
In Heavens view and on earth,
Heaven and earth are places of God,
He’s the miracle of the four seasons rebirth,

I see miracles in the birds of the air,
In every raindrop that falls,
I see miracles in the flowers,
Small, medium and tall.

I see miracles at the birth
Of every baby that cries
Coming into this world,
You’re bound to see them if you try.

So look for the miracles daily,
As you pass through this life look around,
Notice all the beauty bestowed,
In the Heavens and on earths ground.

I love to receive and believe in miracles,
They are as real as the day is long,
To me poetry is the miracles of the mind
Coming through like a beautiful song.

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH


End of the Way

When my life is up and time is no more,
Alone, I stand at eternity’s door
Let me feel that I can truthfully say
I’ve made someone happy along the way.

Let me feel that I have brought a smile
To the tear stained face of a little child.
Lord, with humility, let me say
I’ve made someone happy along the way.

Let me know my good deeds will outweigh the bad.
Let me feel that I’ve left no one mad.
Let me know I’ve helped someone in need;
That my efforts have not been in vain.
Oh Lord, let me know I’ve been a friend,
For I shall never pass this way again.

Dorothy Ackerman





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