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April 10, 2014

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Easter Charm

Easter charm with color
Springing up everywhere around
When the warm showers and sun
Cover the ground.

Winter madness has gone
Giving spring a chance again
To show the beauty she has
Around on the terrain.

The grass is greening up
The trees are budding too
Spring is springing for sure
I'm glad, aren't you?

It brings joy to the heart
With lots of happiness and love
To see the sky of blue
Once again up above.

The frogs hollering
The birds singing their song
Warm sunshine making a showing
All day long.

Maybell Criswell
South Point, OH

Wild Lilies

In taking a walk through the woods
We saw beautiful lilies growing
So bright and pretty as they basked in the sun.
Greeted us with a nod, the wind so gently blowing.

No one to plant, water, care for them, but God ...
Once they were a bulb in the ground,
God told them it was their time to bloom--so,
Through the ground they pushed to look around.

God sent them rain to soften the Earth's soil,
Water in the form of rain for their thirst.
He gave them nutrition from the soil and sun
Helped them from buds to burst.

Then God looked down from Heaven,
Saw their beauty far below.
God said even Solomon in all his riches
Could not compare with the lilies
on whom His love He bestowed.

Dorothy Talbert
Lancaster, OH


Happy Easter Day

One day we will see our Jesus face.
And thank Him for His Amazing Grace.
He gave His life that we could be free,
Upon the Rugged Cross of Calvary.

It was a glorious day of victory
The tomb was empty, Jesus was gone.
Mary saw Him in the pretty garden.
The glory of the lord was all around.
Mary gave the message as she has said
That Jesus had risen from the grave.
The Disciple were happy that day,
Jesus the Savior had, come their way.
Jesus showed the scars in His hands,
The scars and the spear was given by man.
Jesus suffered for the world of sin,
To forgive and to give you peace within.
Easter is a time for God's Mercy and Grace
He gave His life for our sins to forgive.
He's forever lives within our happy heart,
Easter is a joyful time we can surely live.

Nancy Mineer
South Shore, KY





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