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Playwright Sees Work Come To Life

by Janet Nesler

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The idea came visiting people in a retirement home. My grandmother's move to one. just watching the people.. My grandmothers life just became a silent room after a life of activity, The play is dedicated to my grandmother Doris Belle Wolfe who passed away in the spring.

Having the play win inspired me to write two more acts with the same characters. Each act take place on a front porch at different periods in the life of a family and will be called a porch trilogy.

I have always wanted to be a writer and have been writing since early high school. It wasn't until College that I was inspired to really get serious about it. My greatest inspiration came from my literature teacher, Betty Hodgeton and Dr. Robert Wilson my poetry and english teacher at SSU. I joined the Phoenix Writers of which Dr Bob was faculty advisor. It's other writers
that give support and keep you going. Being a member of The Grayson Ky Fiction Writers was an inspiration to keep writing.

At present Dexter is working on a fiction novel and plans to write more plays and would like to try and write a screenplay in the near future. He already has an idea for next years play contest at Dubuque.

"I was really surprised at winning. I thought I would get a nice letter thanking me for participating and then the call came that I had won second place. It became real to me only when, Gill Boltinghouse, the play director, called to discuss casting and asked me to recommend tryout scenes. Another thing that made it real was the $300.00 winning check."

"I was asked to provide photos and a biography was asked if I would give a TV interview on a Dubuque TV program called News Light when I arrived in Debuque. I was informed the play
would be taped and aired on public TV in the state of Iowa. All of this was very exciting considering this was my first play."

Plays were submitted from all 50 states including Canada and Mexico. There were 100 script readers from local universities in the Iowa area. Ten were selected to be finally judged and out of the ten plays three were chosen.

The play will be given August 25 and 26 at the historical Five Flags Theater in Debuque, Iowa.

Dexter is a Research Associate II in the Chemical Technition Department at Lockheed Martin in Piketon, OH. He has three associate degrees from SSU and a BSDegree from Otterbien College in Westerville, OH and has taken some graduate courses. He has attended numerous writers workshops.

Dexter lives with his miniature schnauzer named Shadoe in McDermott, OH. He written and published travel, historical and how to articles in national magazines and has been widely
published as a poet. He also plays bassoon in the Portsmouth Community Orchestra. His favorite place to write is in a swing under a huge ash tree in his back yard which overlooks Brush Creek. He is always on the look out for new writers groups and workshops because he believes writers inspire other writers.

" Tomorrow's Dance" is a play about life in a retirement home and how to loosen up and realize it's never too late to live and enjoy life.

DExter and a group of writer friends will be attending the play performances. Dexter will attend the dress rehearsal on Aug 24. and will attend a playwright brunch on Saturday August 26.


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