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Dick's Pizza

by Janet Nesler | Ohio Magazine


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On the banks of the beautiful Ohio river, the colonial style house, handed down through generations implies fine dining. But no black ties here, just a casual feast in jeans if you're a pizza lover. DICK'S PIZZA, open since April 97, serves original recipe pizza that melts in your mouth. Two specialty choices are barbecued chicken pizza and tantalizing Hawaiian pizza. House specialty is Mom's Sweet Relish Kraut a unique recipe to have on your pizza or a side dish. Regulars call it gourmet pizza which you may eat in elegance indoors while enjoying the antiques and listening to folk music on Tuesday night and the dulcimer on Thursday night or eat outside on a picnic table by the river, if weather permits.

Sciotoville, Ohio off Rt.52 at 140 Exit, next to Wolfords Landing. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Closed Mon. 740/776/6231, V or MC,H/A, $$


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